Collective Wellness aims to create a space where more people can readily access group therapy services, classes, workshops and other wellness offerings based on the needs and interest of the community we serve. We know that to achieve happiness and contentment in life, being in relationship and connection to others is essential. We are social by nature and our overall well being strongly relies on positive connections and attachments to others. Collective Wellness strives to offer a variety of services that connect people to their community, assess ongoing community needs, and provide services that address these needs in creative and innovative ways. Mental health and wellness supply is not keeping up with the overwhelming demand of a post covid world. Collective Wellness aims to meet some of that demand in a more efficient way. Our goal is to provide a space for safe, restorative connection with the intention of improving the mental health and wellness of our community members.

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The clinicians at Collective Wellness have a variety of group therapies. We work with local businesses and organizations to support mental health and educational opportunities on a needs basis. As Collective Wellness grows - look out for sound healing, therapeutic yoga, training opportunities, and other holistic practices. Check our events page for availability and registration.


It takes a village. Collective Wellness collaborates with practitioners who would like to offer workshops, therapeutic groups, training, meet-ups, and other therapeutic and wellness offerings specific to their niche. Collective Wellness works with our collaborators to offer the space and resources needed to provide unique and diverse offerings to our community in one centralized place.

Do you have a class you’d like to offer? A workshop? Interested in learning more about partnering with Collective Wellness?

"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members."